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Geno Moveset:

B: Geno Beam ~ Geno shoots a beam of energy in the direction he is facing.  Move can be charged.

B>: Geno Flash ~ Geno transforms himself into a cannon and launches a ball of energy.  Move must be charged for two seconds before it can be used.

B^: Geno Boost ~ Stars begin to fall from Geno’s feet and he launches upwards.

B/: Geno Blast ~ Geno raises his arms and sends them downward, bringing down a beam of light energy from the sky to strike directly in front of him.

Final Smash: Geno Whirl ~ Geno curls up into a ball in preparation for the attack and them swing his arms open, sending five disks of light out of his hands.  Deals massive damage with massive knockback.
The Star Road warrior, Geno, has been sent to the battle by a higher authority.

This moveset requested by Daking9. Alright, my first third-party moveset, I'm so proud :D. Well, DaKing9 does lightning strike twice or has this moveset been caught in the boom of the following thunder? (sorry, but I just felt like doing that). I'm probably going to stop saying that you can request characters here.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (c) Nintendo

Geno (c) Square Enix
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nevermind about geno moveset
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